About Habibi

It’s hardly surprising why cuisines from the Arabic & India region are referred to as the “Perfumed Soul of Culture” Arabic & Indian cuisines count amongst the most exotic cuisines in the world, Because of their undeniable appeal to the senses of smell, sight & taste.

Portraying an inimitable tale of Arabic and Indian food & culture, with an emphasis on Lebanese, Moroccan and Indian specialties , Habibi puts together an inviting ambience, authentic dishes served against a backdrop of captivating entertainment options curated from these cultures, all under the same roof.

Habibi caters to its discerning audience under both Fine-Dining as well as Quick Service Restaurants format.

Habibi Fine Dine Restaurant

Our fine-dine restaurants lay emphasis on authentic Arabic & Indian food as well as the culture of these regions through entertainment.

Habibis fine-dining restaurants in DLF Place Mall, Saket and Sector 26 in Chandigarh take you on a exquisite journey of our classic dishes & mesmerizing entertainment against Arabic interiors reflected through intricate jali work and Moroccan lamps. A perfect place for the entire family to get together for a scrumptious meal, our restaurants take pride in localizing the cuisines to successfully cater to the taste buds of our clientele.

Habibi Quick Service Restaurants

Our express outlets embody the essence of QSR dining. Not only do we serve our popular, authentic dishes for you to enjoy, you may choose to take them away or have them at home. All our express venues boast of limited but comfortable seating for a quick meal at an affordable price.